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Welcome to my personal website where you'll find out more about the work I specialize in and the clients I work with. I have worked in the software industry for over 20 years as an editor, project manager, software documentation lead and conference production expert.


Lots of smart people understand their business or area of expertise but struggle to convey the true value of their services or products in writing to others. As an editor, I specialize in helping fairly technical individuals and companies in the software industry clearly communicate to their peers and customers, and make their online work published very SEO friendly.


Do you need to create winning marketing, technical articles or white papers? As a project manager and writer, this is my area of expertise. You won't find me writing .NET code, slinging T-SQL or configuring Content Search Web Parts in SharePoint, but if that's your specialty and you want to teach others how to do it or you have products or consulting services for professionals who do, I'll help you make the narrative text make sense to your readers. And it will get done on time and on budget. No surprises.


Do you need help producing a training event or conference? Conference production is another hat I regularly wear. I manage speakers, schedules, website content, email blasts and make it all look and sound consistent. During your event I am on site, managing customer and speaker expectations, running logistics and solving problems before customers notice them.

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